Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vacation Food Reflections....

We've been on vacation all week and the internet connenction was iffy (stealing wireless from the neighbors is not a sure thing). But the food was great. We have an early morning tomorrow, so I'll be brief, but will follow up with details soon.

Best memories...
  • Abigail's basil pesto (with life size chunks of garlic)
  • Grilled leftover sandwiches--steak, chicken, grilled veggies, tomatoes, cheese.....
  • Drier's sausage!
  • Summer salads
  • Nancy's chicken burgers with peppers and onions
  • Breakfast fritatta
  • Arugula pesto
  • Brined pork-chops
  • Franks hot sauce on everything!

We returned home tonight and I was in the mood for cooking Mexican food (I've been reading the Alice Water's autobiography all week and needed to cook in my own kitchen)...I went a little crazy.

The Pics are from tonight's Mexican dinner--YUM--more later.


Marnie aka Magill said...

Oh, I forgot Nora's beet salad...yum! Ate it for several meals. And the blueberry pie, Griffin's checkerboard cake.......and the bacon.

Meas said...

The photos are so beautiful. Cooking and the presentation sure is an art. You my dear, are an artist!