Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting started.....

Blogging is new to me, but let me jump right in.

To understand me and how I feel about food, you need to know where I started. When I was a kid I ate hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken nuggets. Nothing with bones in it. No vegetables (maybe a carrot). In high school I drank a Coke and ate a chocolate croissant on the way to school, I usually had a Snickers and Coke for lunch (sometimes a plate of fries with a side of mayo).

My tastes (meaning the buds themselves and my environmental sensibilities) have changed.

Now I like most all foods--the only notable exception is the mushroom--and the problem is that IT doesn't like ME, so it's not my fault.

Over the creation of this blog you'll learn just how important food is to me now. I care about where I shop, what I buy, how it is cooked and served, where it is served, who is with me when I eat it, and how I can do it all better.

I'm looking forward to a new food experience though this blog and hope you enjoy going with me on the journey.

Until then....


Anonymous said...

Freakin' awesome that you started a blog. Yay, yay, yay!

Meas said...

Thank you for creating a blog. I really enjoyed perusing it. Although I get to enjoy your cooking from time to time, I'll now enjoy it virtually and get some ideas for meals. The spinach enchiladas are definitely one of my favorites. I'll pass on the local frog legs from the swamp. Can't wait for the update! Go Local!!!